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Gastric Band Weight Loss Using Hypno-CBH Gastric Band Process

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Hypno-CBH Gastric Band Process  LIMITED TIME ONLY! NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES! Weight gain is a feature of the modern world and the trend seems likely to continue however, this is...


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Hypno-CBH Gastric Band Process


Weight gain is a feature of the modern world and the trend seems likely to continue however, this is not just a problem of affluence. Indeed, obesity is something that affects poorer people as well. Nor is the problem simply that people are eating more food. Whilst high calorie snack foods have become more available, it seems that an increasingly underactive lifestyle is a major feature.

Losing weight is not easy and perhaps the ultimate answer lies with medicine in the form of drugs, surgery and genetics. Without the latter the facts of the matter are that an effective weight reduction programme for any person requires a net reduction in their intake of calories over a period of time. The duration of which depends on the amount of weight to be lost. Thereafter, to maintain a healthy weight, the amount of calories consumed has to be controlled. However, more recently there is a real alternative to kick-start your weight loss programme in the form hypnotic gastric bands.

Publicity in the last few years about traditional gastric band surgery for weight loss has quadrupled, and people have paid up to $15,000 for this invasive and dangerous procedure. The nick matthews Hypno-CBH Gastric Band process is used to make your brain artificially believe that your stomach is smaller. So you get the signal that you are full much quicker.

The good news is you do not need an invasive, risk full operation to benefit from this Gastric Band weight loss solution. Using Gastric Band Hypnosis achieves the same results as the real gastric band because your subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between pretend and real. This is why dreams seem so real. 

Using a combination of Mindfulness, Modern Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and mind technology I will help you to change your eating habits forever! If you are really committed to losing weight then the nick matthews Hypno-CBH Gastric Band program will help you to achieve your goals.

To tackle this problem the nick matthews weight loss program also addresses your lifestyle, eating habits and the root cause of your overeating, raising the probability of long term success and a healthy body and self-esteem. The audio program accompanied by the manual takes you step-by-step through every stage of having your hypnotic gastric band fitted and then uses CBH to have your mind and body responding to the programme as if you had the surgery in real-life.

The programme takes you through the stages of preparation. Before you have your initial appointment, you are shown how to remove previous problematic negative emotions and thoughts that most definitely will have been influencing your behaviours and habits. Then you experience cognitive behavioural hypnosis to get things set up prior to your gastric band being fitted.

Then you are hypnotised to experience your operation and the gastric band  is fitted: This is a profound experience for many. Your beliefs are heightened and now that the band is fitted, your appetite changes to accommodate the new you.

With the band successfully fitted, you spend a few weeks reacting and responding progressively to the fitted band while using two further hypnosis sessions daily to boost your metabolism, affect your appetite, install new habits and alter the way you perceive yourself.

Finally, the fitted gastric band is optimised and enhanced whilst hypnotised again and you watch your size, shape and weight change as you move confidently forward in life. It is so easy to follow and you'll have a number of psychological skills taught to you so that you can enhance your own results too.

This program has been written in such a way that you can undertake the “operation” on your self. Alternatively, you can follow the methodology and carry out the operation on your friends, family and even set-up your own coaching practice.

The Operation

The Hypno-CBH Gastric Band process operation consists of placing a sub-conscious flexible band around the top region of the stomach. The band creates a small pouch at the top of the stomach that can hold approximately half a cup of food  rather than the normal 6 cups.

The diagram below shows where the band is fitted in real surgery. We will convince your mind into thinking that your Hypno-CBH Gastric Band is fitted in the same place. Indeed, using your natural imagination skills in-built from birth, you will be taken through the real operation step-by-step. This will include the sounds and noises of a real operating theatre.


When this new pouch is full - it sends a message to the brain that the entire stomach is full. Therefore the patient is hungry less often, feels full more quickly and for a longer period of time, eats smaller portions, and loses weight over time. This process has also been used to help people reduce sugary drink and alcohol intake.

The Hypno-CBH Gastric Band Process can be used for any amount of weight loss however it is intended for people who have kilo’s (stones) rather than just pounds to lose. Anyone who is overweight by 5 kilo’s (3 stone) or more may want to consider the hypnotic gastric band. In reality - the gastric band is generally reserved for those people with a Body Mass Index of 30 or over. However, I used it on myself with a start BMI of 26 and lost 3 kg in the first month.

The success stories of having a hypnotic gastric band have been well documented in the news recently with a reported success rate of 80 per cent, which is higher than actually having the surgical procedure which only works for 70 per cent of people. 

What you get:

  • The most advanced weight loss program in the world today along with pre-recorded audio sessions that include real hospital operating theatre soundtracks
  • An holistic program that considers improvement across the whole of your life not just weight
  • A scientifically evidenced based program that is so easy to follow that you can use it to help your family and friends and even set up your own coaching business

 Check out the TV review of the Hypno-CBH Gastric Band Process:


Kindest Regards

 Nick Matthews MSc

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